About Us

Clean World Services Is Committed to Offer Expert, Affordable, Safe, And Environmentally Friendly Cleaning.

Why Should You Choose Clean World Services?

Clean World Services started based on the idea that a cleaner world would be a happier world for all. That is why we use safe products for the environment, children, pets, and vegetation. Our expertly trained staff have years of experience in Power Washing, Viral Disinfection, Commercial Janitorial, Residential Cleaning, and Real Estate Property Cleaning. We additionally have team members that have spent years in vehicle pressure wash.

Viral Disinfection.

We started with the vision to revitalize and restore your sense of cleanliness in your life, and our cleaning and disinfecting culture are based on trust, reliability, and quality in cleaning. We use electrostatic disinfection products to get the absolute best, safest, and eco-friendly clean.
We are a locally owned company and offer customized cleaning solutions with dedicated customer support. We follow quality disinfecting standards, and by using electrostatic disinfection, we make sure you get thorough cleaning so that you get the safest environment to live in.
We pride ourselves in serving the community with the latest cleaning techniques. As a cleaning industry leader, we have designed and perfected cleaning processes, products, technologies, and equipment to ensure you get the best investment return.

Organized the Janitorial & Commercial Service Team.

Our professional and reliable commercial, janitorial cleaning services can expertly clean commercial properties, fraternity houses, schools, churches, dorms, and more. We work with you to develop a personalized cleaning process for your property and complete it perfectly.